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No audio on Mac with Chrome

November 18, 2012



Duolingo works fine on a clean Chrome installation. (I'm using Chrome here). Try turning off your Chrome extensions.


Hi Bren, I didn't turn off all extensions, but have my JS console output, in case that helps.

TypeError arguments: Array[2] 0: "play" 1: false length: 2 proto: Array[0] get message: function () { [native code] } get stack: function () { [native code] } set message: function () { [native code] } set stack: function () { [native code] } type: "undefined_method" proto: Error 2d9c09e922aac2b09f0c1bbae1df2a40_mv_.min.js:44 dealWithError 2d9c09e922aac2b09f0c1bbae1df2a40_mv_.min.js:44 wrapper 2d9c09e922aac2b09f0c1bbae1df2a40_mv_.min.js:45 (anonymous function) 2d9c09e922aac2b09f0c1bbae1df2a40_mv_.min.js:42 f.event.dispatch 2d9c09e922aac2b09f0c1bbae1df2a40_mv_.min.js:1 h.handle.i


just turn off your extensions and try again.

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Thanks for that info! There is a JS error and that's keeping you from having the audio play. Can you try using the site in another browser for now? I'll ask another engineer here about what your problem could be.


Yes, happy to do so. Also, happy to help you guys debug the problem, if I can. I know I have seen this problem on both my PC and my Mac. Ofcourse, I most probably have the same extensions running on both :-)


I'm having the same problem: No audio on my Mac using Chrome (that is, sound works fine, but I can't record anything).

I've refreshed the page, restarted Chrome, and checked my mic. And I have no Chrome extensions to turn off. Still no audio.

Fortunately, it all works fine on my Mac when I'm using Firefox. And on my PC, I can use either Chrome or Firefox.


Hi jcbos, if you work at Duolingo, can you request them to fix their software so that it does work with Chrome? Chrome is sufficiently standards compliant that getting audio to work on it really isn't too hard - I know I didn't so with an app I was working on.... This isn't IE 6 that we are talking about....


No, I don't work there. But I think the people of Duolingo will have noticed by now that lots of people are complaining about this issue.


Chrome on Mac here too, sound works great. I'd suggest going to setting and selecting sound off for your language until you fix the problem. Good luck! :)

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Often times we see that user's who can't get audio to work have extensions interfering with the Javascript we use. Let us know if you still have problems after you turn off extensions.


This is still an issue. Getting a lot of this error: "PepperFlashPlayer.plugin: 0x6E0A is not a valid resource ID." I tried disabling the 'Pepper' version of flash, but still no audio. The audio is only missing on questions that play audio and prompt for the user to retype it. Audio played in addition to a text prompt still plays correctly.


Audio also failing similarly in Safari


Feedly Chrome extension is specifically causing this issue for me on an unrelated site. Turning it off fixes the issue.


removing extensions is kinda silly request :-( instead, your JS should not interfere with popular extensions - like readability or 1password.

yes, problem still exists.


I've also lost sound on Chrome :(

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