"Pojkarnas smörgåsar"

Translation:The boys' sandwiches

January 25, 2015



I'm using the mobile app... why no apostrophe on boys? It should be boys'.

March 2, 2016


Edited post: This bug was reported to the developers after JimNolt reported it to us, but it still hasn't been fixed. Afaik it appears on all mobile platforms and probably in all incubated courses. There are many bugs and the developers are always busy so no one knows how long it will take until it gets fixed.

March 5, 2016


I appreciate that this is being looked at, but it's also doing it on the web platform as well, just in case that information is useful.

June 30, 2016


It gives me “Almost correct!” stating that the one without the apostrophe is right, and then in “Another Solution” is exactly what I entered. —_—

July 11, 2016


One year later, no change :(

October 23, 2017


Yes, mine is on a PC and it's doing it. It still says the apostrophe one is correct, but to suggest that no apostrophe is also correct is obviously... not.

July 5, 2016


Still not correct many months later, November 2016.

November 12, 2016


May 2017. Still not right.

May 5, 2017


Trust me, we're just as annoyed as you are. I cleared out five thousand error reports on plural apostophes a few days ago... And yet we can't do anything about them, save for removing sentences containing them from the course.

May 5, 2017


… which we can't do either, because if we delete sentences, they just turn into zombie sentences that are shown anyway but we can't modify them. :D

May 5, 2017


As a fellow developer, I can confirm: programming is hard.

July 19, 2017


what do you mean you can't do anything about them? presumably you have access to the databases that this app runs off.....someone input the data...someone should be able to correct this otherwise the app is faulty.

September 22, 2018


@Cynthia: Course contributors are volunteers. We do not have access to anything except the admin interface, and everything is correct in there. The reason these are being shown incorrectly is that there is a bug in the system, which causes correct translations with plural apostrophes to be shown as having a typo. This cannot be changed without going into the actual product code, to which we don't (and shouldn't) have access.

September 22, 2018


May 2018... not fixed

May 11, 2018


June 2018 ...not fixed yet

June 18, 2018


September 2018, still wrong

September 29, 2018


Junuary 2018 , haven't fixed yet.

January 2, 2018


February 2018 on mine it is fixed!

February 10, 2018


December 2017. This is still turning up on some exercises. I get " 's " as a option on some exercises, but "boys" /= "boy's" . If you need some consulting to figure out how to fix it give me a call.

December 27, 2017


you are correct and I have noticed other similar issues

September 22, 2018


Yes it should be.

April 24, 2019


April 2019, still not fixed

April 28, 2019


....so..this would read as if the sandwiches are not owned by a singular boy, the sandwiches are instead, for boys? Or...owned by many boys?

May 4, 2015


The sandwiches owned by many boys.

May 4, 2015


Is the accent in smörgåsar on the last syllable, like "smör-gå-SAR"?

June 13, 2015


No, on the first one. The TTS gets the stress a little bit wrong her.

January 8, 2016



The voice is not quite perfect on this sentence, as of May 10th, 2018, so I've taken the liberty of re-recording it.

For whatever reason, the generated voice has no idea how to pronounce smörgåsar. This is the third time I record a sentence with that word.

Please find a correct recording on http://duolingo.vydea.io/6fe57eba90f04154bad52396278abfbb.mp3

For more info on re-recordings, please check the info thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23723515

Thanks for listening. Ha en bra dag! :)

May 10, 2018


Remind me, why is this pojkens?

May 9, 2016


Pojkens (the boy's) refers to just one boy. Pojkarnas (the boys') refers to multiple boys.

May 22, 2016


so the english translation is boys', which indicates more than one boy. if it was a sandwich belonging to one boy, the english translation would be boy's. that is what is confusing me

May 24, 2016


Correct. Start with the subject: boy-singular or boys-plural and then add the apostrophe at the end. Singular possessive=boy's and plural possessive=boys'.

July 7, 2016


i keep hearing this as "pojken har smorgåsar"

May 23, 2016


"Almost correct! The boys sandwiches Another correct solution:The boys' sandwiches"

That is exactly what I wrote. Why "Almost correct"?

August 17, 2016


If you put boys instead of boys', you missed the apostrophe and it's indeed almost correct. But Duo has some annoying bug with apostrophes so all bets are off when it comes to those.

November 10, 2016


I do not have a typo!... it is The boys' sandwiches

September 28, 2017


Please refer to the other comments on this issue.

September 28, 2017


I would like to know if "Pojkarnas smörgåsar" sounds natural in Swedish because it looks like "Sandwiches of the boys" to me. I would think that "The boys' sandwiches" is the translation of "Pojkarnas smörgåsarna" or "Pojkars smörgåsarna", i.e. sandwiches has a definite article.

January 2, 2019


It sounds perfectly natural - possessives are inherently definite, so you don't make it explicit. English actually works the same way for this construction - you'd never say "the boys' the sandwiches", just "the boys' sandwiches".

January 2, 2019


Should be boy's

February 20, 2019


No, that's the singular. The plural is boys'.

February 20, 2019


I'm not even finishing saying the first word and it's telling me that it's wrong.

May 1, 2019


I suggest posting in the troubleshooting forums. Unfortunately, course contributors have no control over the voice recognition software.

May 1, 2019


I have to imagine the ' just being there when i translate this? Couldn't they have named the label boys' instead ? Now i would assume I'd have to add 'their' in the translation.

February 19, 2016


There's some bug with the apostrophe.

July 14, 2016


Why can't I translate this with "the boys their sandwiches"?

May 27, 2016


"their sandwiches" is "deras smörgåsar"

May 27, 2016


Why "boys',, ? I think that it should write "boy's " , right?

January 25, 2015


No, it’s plural. If it were the boy’s it would be pojkens.

January 25, 2015


I wrote "the boys' sandwiches " since pojkarna is plural.

May 4, 2015


What you actually do here is take the "s" out of the way and check the word. You can't make any mistake then.

April 16, 2015


Boy's (singular) Boys' (plural)

January 8, 2016
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