"Man spiser ikke heste."

Translation:One does not eat horses.

January 25, 2015

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For the past four questions or so it’s been going back and forth between “One does not eat horses” and “One does not say no to food,” and I feel like I’ve stumbled into some sort of bizarre etiquette argument.


The frame i am in does move forward


Is there any difference when pronunciating mand and man


Yes, the "d" on the end on the end of "mand" applys a "stød" or the glottal stop. So the word ends abruptly instead of being dragged on. Its the same in "hun" and "hund".

To my knowledge we don't have the glottal stop in English, but an example is when spelling "be" its b' e' there's a cut off between the letters.

I'm a native speaker English but this is what I've learned so far, hope it helps!


English has a glottal stop with the sound created in between "Uh-oh".

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