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  5. "Wir bleiben hier."

"Wir bleiben hier."

Translation:We are staying here.

January 25, 2015



Can also mean "we will stay here", I think, e.g. if someone just made up their mind.


That would be: Wir werden hier bleiben (werden = will). Wir bleiben hier can also mean: We stay here


We are staying here in what sense? Like, we are on a trip and here is where we are staying, or we will wait here for you, or we live here?


Disclaimer: I am not German, so I am basing this answer on the apparent equivalent of this word in Dutch: blijven. Usually this is safe, but very occasionally there is a mismatch between these two languages, so be wary.

I think it's probably not "staying somewhere" in the first sense you mentioned (Dutch: verblijven; separate verb). Waiting for someone and thus staying there could work, I think. Generally remaining in a place, or probably in a state, would work with "bleiben".

Will need to have a confirmation (or otherwise) from a native speaker though!

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