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Adding more Languages - Working with what is already there.

It seems to me if there is a course to learn language A from B the same group of people should also easily generate a B from A course.

Including having the software do the majority of the work.

I'm also reasonably sure you could get assistance from the Learners who have already done the A from B to help Proof the B to A version.

Sure there's going to be work to do but it shouldn't be as much as there was to generate A from B.

January 25, 2015



Actually... it would be hard because you would be trying to teach A to B. You would need to make sentences that maximize the "point" of the lesson for language A not language B. Also, they would need to teach grammar too. I think most courses are done one at a time to see if it's worth making the other course or not.


Not necessarily. After A to B is done many of the beginning basics vocabulary food etc are the same words and phrases language to language ( well as far as I've already done.)

So the first bit of the tree is already filled in as well as the audio being present.

The computers should be able to help reverse most any module / lesson as they are created in the A to B direction. Followed minimal additional attention by the team (as well as help from the learners flaging items) - Maybe allowing for an Alpha state where the A to B learners are invited to do the B to A course up to the point they have achieved in the A to B one

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