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  5. "Passiamo un piatto al cuoco."

"Passiamo un piatto al cuoco."

Translation:We pass a plate to the cook.

August 3, 2013



Everyone else hear "una" in the slow audio?


Although in this case, we should go with what we know not what we hear.


I don't agree. The software obviously stitches the words together rather than has full sentences spoken which is one of the biggest problems with the app. The task for the transcription is to write what is said, what we hear, not what makes sense. So if there is an error in the stated sentence, we should not be held for what is not our mistake.


Yes, but Duo has a lot of other problems to deal with right now, including adding languages, Duolingo bots, fixing up Chinese, moving languages out of Beta, etc.


@DJClair I agree with you.

Often, I will listen, type a draft, listen to it at a slower pace if I am not sure, but most of the time, I'd have put the right article or used the right conjugation.

To those who keeps highlighting that ypu have issues with DL audio transcription, look up Youtube clips that has Italian audio, watch Italian movies or even better, watch Italian opera.

Get used to it.

:) KK


Yes. From the first time I started to use Duolingo.


is "we give": so wrong?


We give in italian is noi diamo, infinito to give= dare, it is another verb but similar meaning


If we're here to learn we win. If we're here to earn points, well.... :( nit picky whining commences. ;p


I'm not a native english speaker BUT, can't we translate this as WE HAND OVER A PLATE TO THE COOK ?


I tried "We pass a plate to the cook" and was told I was wrong. I had to change it to "We pass one plate to the cook" In English these both mean the exact same thing.


This page shows both transitive and intransitive uses: http://www.wordreference.com/iten/passare


So. Passare = to pass and to hand?


"We pass on a plate to the cook" was my response and it was marked wrong, 'pass on' is one of the possibilities and "a" refers to a single plate... in my opinion I should have been right.


I missed "we" and got the whole thing wrong


So passing a plate is fine but we get questioned when we want to pass a bowl?


I put the correct sentence and it marked me wrong!!


Does anyone notice the fault in several people passing one plate?


My answer was " We pass a plate to the cook" and it was marked wrong but the correct sentance was the same as my answer...


When this question came up again I put in the same answer and this time it was correct...


the word "the" is missing from the word choices. Only the "a" is available and it is incorrect.


Very unclear pronunciation even when slowed.


There is no "the" to pick


In my version the slow button do not exist and I hardly understand the words piatto al. I think this must be a bug.


the word "the" is missing and the answer is incorrect without it!!

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