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  5. "You want a duck."

"You want a duck."

Translation:Tá lacha uaibh.

January 25, 2015



I am a bit confused here. What would the different between "Tá lacha uaibh" and "Teastaíonn lacha uaibh" be? When would you use one over the other?


It's a dialect difference. You can use either tá ... ó or teastaíonn ... ó to express a need.


Because "you" in English doesn't have a designation of plural or singular.
If it is read as "you (one person) want a duck" the answer is "ta lacha uait". If it is read as "you all (several people) want a duck" the answer is "teastaionn lacha uaibh".
There is no real difference except the number of people you are talking to who want a duck.


That does not why both Tá and Teastaíonn are both used with uaibh (and not uait). Is not the correct answer that Tá (is) and Teastaíonn (lacks) are different verbs ??


Why isn't "Tá lacha uait" acceptable?


why is Tá lacha uiabh accepted here? Thanks


Because it also means “You want a duck.”


"uaibh" is used for the plural you (you all) while "uait" is for the singular you


So... You want coffee and you want a duck... Ta caife uait is the accepted answer so why would ta lacha uait not be accepted?

ETA: They have updated and uait is now accepted as well. For this one at least


Whats wrong with : Ar mhaith leat lacha??? with the fada


Ar mhaith leat is "would you like"


What galaxyrocker said. But also, I don't think ar mhaith leat ...? in Irish can be used to offer something. In English, you could ask "would you like some tea?" to mean "do you want (me to give you) some tea?", but ar mhaith leat tae ? is just asking "do you like tea?", i.e., "is tea pleasing to you?"


ar mhaith leat tae? is "would you like tea?". It is used when offering refreshments - ar mhaith leat cupán tae?.

"Do you like tea?" is An maith leat tae? - it's the question form of Is maith leat tae - "You like tea".


I'm confused. Why is ta lucha teastaionn acceptable here?


because duck=mice? better report it.

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that's my question too!


"tá lucha teastaíonn" is not a possible sentence. Are you sure it said that was right?


Why can't it be: tá uait lacha. What determines where uait goes?


What's wrong with 'Teastaíonn lacha uaidh

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uaidh is the 3rd person masculine form - "He wants a duck".


why is ta lucha uait not accepted? they didn't specify singular or plural in the sentence


I'm still a bit confused on when you should use teastaionn vs using uait?

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teastaíonn is a verb meaning "is wanted/needed". uait means "by you" (in this case).

teastaíonn lacha uaim - "a duck is wanted/needed by me" ("I want/need a duck")
teastaíonn lacha uaidh - "a duck is wanted/needed by him" ("he wants/needs a duck")
teastaíonn lacha uaithi - "a duck is wanted/needed by her" ("she wants/needs a duck")
teastaíonn lacha uainn - "a duck is wanted/needed by us" ("we want/need a duck")
teastaíonn lacha uaibh - "a duck is wanted/needed by you (plural)" ("you (plural) want/need a duck")
teastaíonn lacha uathu - "a duck is wanted/needed by them" ("they want/need a duck")
teastaíonn lacha uait - "a duck is wanted/needed by you" ("you want/need a duck")
teastaíonn lacha ó Phól - "a duck is wanted/needed by Paul" ("Paul wants/needs a duck")

You can also say tá lacha uait - "you want/need a duck", which has the same meaning, but uses a different grammatical construction.


Why doesn't 'Ba mhaith leat lacha.' work?

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