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  5. "Vad är innehållet?"

"Vad är innehållet?"

Translation:What are the contents?

January 25, 2015



Literally:"What is the content?" It could be a document, so "What is the subject matter?" or "What's it about?" My new lawnmower (made by Husqvarna AB) has instructions in many languages, the first being Swedish. The opening page has an index headed "Innehåll". Later comes the English section where the heading is "Contents", so the answer to Ezra746950 is yes, content or contents. Some Swedish biochemist could tell us whether sugars can be counted in Swedish, as they are in English: fructose, glucose, lactose etc.


Kan man inte säger 'the content', innehållet, singular definite, men 'the contents', innehållen, plural definite?

Jag har en Husqvarna gräsklippare också! Det finns en jättebra gräsklippare.


I think you might mean, "Det är en jättebra gräsklippare." - IT is a very good grass cutter. "Det finns" corresponds to "There is a very good grass cutter." So "Det finns" would be like "Det finns ett bra cafe i min stad men jag får aldrig att besöka det." (There is a good cafe in my city but I never get to visit it.)


I'm not a biochemist, but afaik the countable "sockerart(er)" is used for that. Art ~ type/specie.

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