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"He put out all his shirts on the bed."

Translation:Han lade fram alla sina skjortor på sängen.

January 25, 2015



Skillnaden mellan "lade fram" och "lade ut"?


Also wondering about this.


So "la" is short for "lade"?


Yes. In speech, everyone says la, and in writing it's quite the norm nowadays.


Could "lade fram" also mean "laid out"? In what other contexts would "lade fram" be used in?


You can also 'lägga fram' a proposal (ett förslag). So yes, in a way it does mean "lay out." But whether or not they accept that translation is a different story.


Could you please explain why 'lade fram' is the preferred translation here? We have seen "Regeringen lägger fram förslag", i.e. 'the government puts forth suggestions'. Somehow, I do not see these two meanings of 'lägga fram' to be equivalent. However, we have learnt that just 'lägga' without a preposition means to 'lay down', or to put horizontally something. I greatly appreciate your help.


It is perhaps a bit old fashioned now, but I remember when one "laid out" one's clothes for the next day. That will help me remember this i hope (ihop? :-))


Can you switch the order from "alla sina skjortor" to "sina alla skjortor"? I saw something similar happening in a sentence which said "regnbågens alla färger". If not, why?

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