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  5. How did I lose my streak?I


How did I lose my streak?I

I worked on Duo on Saturday, and yet my streak has disappeared. What gives? Can I get it back somehow?

Edit: I completed the lesson on Saturday afternoon as I was travelling, I'm very upset about it.

January 25, 2015



Very unlikely. If you move this to the trouble shooting forum someone may look at your recent history and if there has been a glitch they can reinstate it. However, the chances are that you were late in practising so went past time when Duo changes the day for your location, or practised but it was'nt recognised by the web system. Or you failed to meet your target.


Did you change the Daily Goal settings? I haven't set it because i don;t want to tie it to my streak.


The same happened to me...Saturday for some reason was lost!


How did I lose my streak. Thought I met it.

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