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  5. "Självklart!"


Translation:Of course!

January 25, 2015



Could someone please explain to me any differences between självklart, visst, javisst, and ja, visst? Can these all mean "of course" in certain circumstances, or are there differences? There are instances in English when I would use "of course" which are more serious, and where I want to sound more modest or deferential. Which would be more appropriate here?


Good question! Anyone got an answer? I'm curious too.


självklart = of course

visst, javisst, ja, visst = sure

[deactivated user]

    Broken up and directly translated, this would mean something like "self clear"?

    What is the word for self-evident or self-explanatory in Swedish?


    Yes. Self-evident is "självklar" which is an adjective, but of course = självklart is an adverb. Self-explanatory is "självförklarande", I suppose.

    PS. Oops I did it again, earlier today I posted at the same time as A.


    Yes, and they’re all självklar.


    Is there certain times you should use Självklart and ju or are they interchangeable


    I think you use ju only after a verb and when you are sure that this is obvious or at least immediately evident to the person you are addressing.

    Till exempel, Svenska har ju två genus. You've reached this lesson, so you really can't not know that Swedish has two grammatical genders.

    Perhaps I want to follow that up with some new/interesting thought, so I give you this information with a ju slapped onto it.

    Native speakers, please correct me if I'm wrong!


    what's the difference between självklart and naturligtvis?


    no difference :)


    Naturligtvis means "naturally" in the sense of "of course".


    Is Såklart also a synonym?


    Is it also "obvious"? (vs obviously)?


    Those are uppenbar(t) in their main meaning of "very evident".


    Ignoring the fact that this is supposed to be an exercise in adjectives, whereas självklart is an adverb "obviously", are självklar / självklart / självklara adjectives "obvious" as well? Example: Frågan är självklar och svaret är självklart, med är slutsatserna självklara också? Självklart!


    ok wright.. but in another lesson i read självklar as "natural" ( vår hund är en självklar del av familjen) so it has 2 meanings? "natural" & "of course/obvious "..??


    That sentence isn't my favourite in the course, to be honest... what's meant in that one is basically "of course our dog is part of the family, that's obvious", so it's the same meaning - it's just hard to translate that briefly into English, so it's not a great fit for the course.


    Is "Det är klart" a synonym?


    Yes, although since they function a bit differently grammatically they may not always be interchangeable.


    I wrote "evident" as an adjective but that is not accepted.


    I don't think any native Swede would ever think the word on its own, especially followed by an exclamation point, was the adjective. In fact, if you try an adjective here and get it wrong, that's probably better as a teaching tool than not trying the adjective at all.


    In a statement about "your dog," "självklart" is translated as "obvious." Why is it not accepted here?


    As a word in context, självklart can be either the neuter singular adjective form or the adverb. But for a standalone Självklart! it really cannot mean anything but "Of course!" (or something similar).


    So, "Obviously!" Thank you.

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