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Music with Swedish lyrics

Please use this thread to recommend artists that sing in Swedish (or have at least made a few songs with Swedish lyrics).

January 25, 2015



Veronica Maggio, Håkan Hellström, Den Svenska Björnstammen, Albin (his two songs with Kristin Amparo), Alina Devecerski, Ji Nilsson (she has only one song in Swedish called 'Döda Mig'), Melissa Horn, Det Stora Monstret, Hästpojken, Panda Da Panda, Thåström


Here is a Wikipedia article on Swedish artists and bands.


Säkert! has a really neat sound. They even put out an album of their songs in English, so you can toggle back and forth to make sure you understand :)


naaak and nimo, Kalifa, Lorentz


I've found a lot of good bands via 8tracks, which is a user-generated playlist site. Using the tag "svenska" or looking for playlist titles in Swedish helps narrow down the results.


I'll add Kent and Finntroll: both bands sing in Swedish. 'Dagen Svalnar' by Nicolai Dunger (originally by Edith Södergran), and, the one and only Opeth song I have ever found sung in Swedish- 'Den Standiga Resan'


If you want to check out the oldies, listen to the lyrics of Povel Ramel, Olle Adophlson, Barbro Hörberg, Owe Thörnqvist and Hasse Alfredsson Tage Danielsson. Especially Ramel and Hasse Tage were equilibrists, inventing many words of their own, and often wrote humorous lyrics about serious subjects. I would (should) not recommend you to begin with as creative lyricists though. For 70s pop, listen to the icon Ted Gärdestad. (His brother Kenneth wrote the lyrics.) Maria Lindström if you are into folk-singers. From the 80s/90s you can listen to Eva Dahlgren and Niklas Strömstedt, and even Lars Winnerbäck or Lisa Ekdahl. And if you are a fan of Roxette, check out Per Gessle's band Gyllene Tider's albums from the 80s. Quite a few of big names from the 00' are already mentioned here, but Laleh's swedish lyrics, and Nippe Svensk (frontman of Svensk Pop) could also be fun. NOTE: The artists mentioned are not necessarily considered to be 'hip' today.

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