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  5. "Loro scrivono alle donne."

"Loro scrivono alle donne."

Translation:They write to the women.

January 26, 2015



are there different conjugations for alle / agli/ alla / allo depending on the noun it refers to? Based on this lesson I have encountered the different forms of "to the" but it does not explain why that particular form is used in that sentence. Can somebody please advise.


These words are all "a" (meaning to, at, etc) + the definite article.

a + la = alla (feminine singular)

a + le = alle (feminine plural)

a + il = al / a+ lo = allo (masculine singular)

a + i = ai / a + gli = agli (masculine plural)


i wrote "they write to the ladies" and Duo counted it wrong :(


La donna=The woman, La signora=The lady


I did it too :( We are too polite to be correct I think ...


I know the difference between "loro scrivono" and "noi scriviamo," yet I mistranslate this particular sentence every time I see it. It seems really ineffective to do nothing more than throw it in, over and over, at such an interval that one can expect the student to have forgotten about the trouble he's had with it in the past. I'm tired of Duolingo doing no better than to help me to make the same mistake again and again.


How would I say "they write to a woman"?


Loro scrivono a una donna


Loro scrivono ad una donna. È vero, eh?


Maybe spellcheck is changing what I type, but with this new format on my phone, I can no longer see what my response was, in order to find my error.


No allowances for typos?!?

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