"I do not speak with my sister on the phone."

Translation:Io non parlo con mia sorella al telefono.

August 3, 2013

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Why is this not 'sul telefono'?


Many times Duolingo does not provide the correct answers -which leads to a lot of wasted time.


it isn't a mistake: prepositions in Italian do not translate directly to English. It is just something we have to learn


I put "Non parlo con la mia sorella al telefono" because I had made a mental note that the possessive always needs an article before the possessive word. I kept getting dinged for forgetting that in other questions, and now I'm wrong on this one because I did include it! Can someone help me explain when you need to say "la mia sorella" and when you can just say "mia sorella"?


As I remember from the last lessons, when you are talking about family, you don't use "la" but you do when it's plural ("le"): "mia sorella", "le mie sorelle". With the other possesives, you use the article.


Thanks for the explanation - sheesh, there's a separate rule for when you're talking about family? It's so hard to remember all the exceptions and quirks! :)


I think my advantage is I'm a spanish speaker, so this language is quite similar to mine and I can make the comparisons between them very often x)

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