"Eu teria feito melhor se eu tivesse tido tempo."

Translation:I would have done it better if I had had time.

August 3, 2013



Shouldn't it be "I would have done better if I had had time"? Or does "fazer melhor" meaning "to do better [in general]" not exist in Portuguese the same way as English? (And even if this is the case, wouldn't it have to be "eu o/a teria feito melhor" for "I would have done it better"?)

August 3, 2013


you're right. Actually, we have the neutral "fazer melhor"

August 3, 2013


I know it would strictly be melhorado, but I feel like "feito melhor" should allow improved: I would have improved (on) it if I had had time

December 1, 2018
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