"Eu teria feito melhor se eu tivesse tido tempo."

Translation:I would have done it better if I had had time.

August 3, 2013

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Shouldn't it be "I would have done better if I had had time"? Or does "fazer melhor" meaning "to do better [in general]" not exist in Portuguese the same way as English? (And even if this is the case, wouldn't it have to be "eu o/a teria feito melhor" for "I would have done it better"?)


you're right. Actually, we have the neutral "fazer melhor"


I think this answer should also be allowed without the "it". "I would have done better if I had had time" is a perfectly acceptable translation and conveys the same thought.


I know it would strictly be melhorado, but I feel like "feito melhor" should allow improved: I would have improved (on) it if I had had time


2020 joatmoo, It really doesn't matter which part of the Country some native English speakers, who say things like "had have had" or "would of had", instead of "would have had", come from, the grammar is still incorrect and sounds awful; they give me the same "shuddery" feeling as 'finger nails being scratched down a blackboard' do! Different accents on their own, are of course fine :) However, I always have a feeling of trepidation when I make statements like the one above, because I know that both my own English grammar, and my spelling are (very) far from perfect!


It's been eight long years since someone suggested that "I would have done better if i had had time" should be accepted. (and Paulenrique agreed with the statement). I wish DL would make the changes that need to be made in the program.

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