"Guardiamo il menu."

Translation:We look at the menu.

August 3, 2013



When did we learn that guardare means "look at" as well as "watch"?????

January 7, 2014


And why is "We watch the menu" wrong? OK, it;s hard to think of situations where you'd say it, but that's true for plenty of Duolingo sentences.

February 27, 2014


I did that too, but it was right.

May 7, 2014


I did that thee and was marked wrong

May 23, 2018


doesn't guardiamo mean "we wait"??

February 23, 2019


Vediamo would be "see."

August 3, 2013


We look/see the menu should be a good answer

August 29, 2013


Correct, watch is too literal to be used.

March 2, 2016


See is vedere

September 12, 2015


Guardiamo al menu" is incorrect because "at" can be included with guardare- "to look at", right?

February 10, 2014


You could mentally connect the word with "to regard smth".

March 30, 2014


You can never here from anyone whose mother language is english will say, let us "watch" the menu. In english watch is more applicable when we say let us watch a movie. It must be "let us SEE the menu". Look is much better than watch.

March 2, 2016


What is the consensus on why at (al) is omitted? Is it because guardare means to look, as well as to look at?

July 13, 2015


Waiting for the answer on this question.

August 14, 2015


here guardare is being used on an object , the menu so means look at. The other situation where it it means watch would involve people moving.

September 19, 2017


How do you say "see"? Guarda is look or watch right?

August 3, 2013


Yes, GUARDARE = Look and VEDERE = See

November 23, 2014


Yes. Unless, there's something special inside the menu. Lol

August 19, 2013


Why see is wrong du before it was accepted that way

August 18, 2015


I also use the verb see. That's the correct word when we say it in english. They translated it literally.

March 2, 2016


What does guardare mean exactly and in what context should it be used? Does it mean just look or look out/watch out? Look at the menu Look out for Batman Vediamo il menu sounds correct if someone is looking at the menu. Thanks & Cheers

December 29, 2015


A single verb, means a lot of meaning and a lot of uses depending on the sentence. Translating "guardare" to the english verb "watch" for this sentence is too literal. The meaning of the sentence in your english translation does not mean as what you meant in italian. I disagree for the use of the verb "watch" for this sentence.

March 2, 2016


how about 'we view the menu' .

March 27, 2016


That's what I put because "watch" is wrong in English (native speaker) but it was marked wrong. Reporting (2/4/16).

April 2, 2016


It gave me an incorrect answer when I put "we look at the menu". Said correct answer was "we watch the menu" which is nonsensical in English.

So which is it!!!

November 13, 2017


'Guardiamo il menu' - isn't this imperative, like: 'Let us look at the menu'?

January 1, 2018


GUARDIAMO= see or watch

July 30, 2018


I've never watched a menu in my life. I've looked at, or read a menu, but watched?? Obviously written by Google translate.

August 16, 2018


We regard the menu works too

January 5, 2019


How about "osserviamo"?

January 21, 2015


Sorry, i tapped the wrong key there. Was asking if we were expecting the menu to DO something, like morph into a book? Hence we were observing it. Same with watch...we're translating into English. These are different languages and cultures. Re: you-all, and y'all - in Appalachian America this becomes 'youins' or 'yuns'. English is a mess. I think there are even more variations in British English.

February 8, 2015


Why on earth would we observe the menu? Are we expe tin

February 8, 2015
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