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Timed Practice: wrong words

There are words showing up in my (German) timed practice that I swear I have never seen before in my life. What's going on here?

January 26, 2015



Since the lesson's sentences are given randomly, you might not have seen all the words and you may have had some words more than once. I generally do the lesson several times to try and catch all the words.


Somewhere, I read that new material is added to the Strengthening Skills exercises. The first time I saw something I had never seen before, I, too, felt it was unfair. But now I just make a note of it, and the next time it pops up, I'm ready for it!


If you (or somebody else) could find a relevant discussion or example, I would be happy. If not, ... okay.


2 examples (I think): I don't ever remember seeing 'legal' translated as 'cool' and 'a gente' meaning 'we', but I encountered both of them in strengthening skills exercises (talking about Spanish)

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