"Our fathers are brothers."

Translation:Våra fäder är bröder.

January 26, 2015

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Is "våra pappor är bröder" correct?


every time i see bröder i remember bread :)


Is 'våra fars är bröder' wrong?


Yes. Fars means "father's" or "farce".


So is it true that words like far and bror are shortened versions of fader and broder, and that de always makes an appearance when you need to make the plural? It's nice to have a pattern to follow!

Also is there a rule on which words are pluralised by changing the vowel to... whatever you call the ä/ö versions?


Oh awesome, thanks guys!


We call them just Ä and Ö, since they are independent vowels and not modified versions of A and O.

It is right that the -de- shows up in the plural, whereas far and bror are shortened versions in the singular, that have grown into being the normal use.


When do you use Vara as opposed to Var? (sorry it does not let me use the accent, but I am referring to the word meaning "our" in English.) Thanks.


Vår is for singular en-word, vårt singular ett-word and våra plural (both en/ett).

Vår bil (en bil)

Vårt hus (ett hus)

Våra bilar (several cars)


Nice, every word with an "Umlaut "-äöüå etc


There are no umlauts in Swedish. Those are separate letters.


hi! i'm autistic and i'm not sure if i don't understand context here? how do i know when i'm supposed to be using the formal or the informal of certain nouns? in this case specifically i'm asking if i missed something telling me to use fäder instead of pappor.

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