"Jag ber honom tala långsamt."

Translation:I am asking him to speak slowly.

January 26, 2015

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I don't see ber as much as fråga.


They don't mean the same thing. ber means to ask someone to do something. frågar means to ask a question. I agree that frågar is a word that is probably more frequently used.


Could "ber" have any connexion with "beg", maybe?


Yes. It's also related to English bid.


What about "Jag ber honom att tala långsamt"? According to the lesson notes, one doesn’t need to add “att” if an object is directly followed by a vern in infinitive form but would it be grammatically incorrect to add it?


It works perfectly fine with att in this case. It varies depending on the (first) verb, but with ber, either way is fine.


Should 'I ask him to talk slowly' also be counted as a correct answer here?


Yes, and it is accepted.


How do you say: "could you please talk slower"?


Don't I need the "om" here? Like "ber om"?


be om is like 'ask for' in English. You typically ask for nouns that you want to get: Jag ber om vatten 'I'm asking for water'. But when you ask someone to do something, it's just ber, without a preposition. If you add om here, you need to have a clause after it. Jag ber om att han ska prata långsamt 'I ask for him to speak slowly'.


The words provided in the dropdown do not include beg. The word ask is included in the drop down . i used the word ask and was deemed incorrect


That was probably because of something else. The recommended answer is I ask him to speak slowly. Unfortunately, the machine is really bad at giving helpful corrections, so it's hard to know for sure what it might not have liked in your answer.


Thanks Arnauti. I realised that I had used the word "asked" and it corrected this to "beg" however when I put in "ask" it accepted it. Its definitely a bit "clunky" Cheers Dave


That explains it! The machine is really stupid this way, but at least now you know how it works :)


Is bad the past tense of the infinitive ber?


you probably know this by now, but bad is the past tense of the infinitive be (not ber)

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