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Is The Speaker Correct? Pronunciation? [Question for Fluent Ppls]

So from my experience with the Dutch course, the speaker isn't always right. When I listened to an actual Dutch person speaking, I couldn't understand them and had to retrain my listening and pronunciation.

I check Forvo for literally every new word, play it over and over and try to say it like the speaker. I'd like to make sure I have the correct accent as I proceed with the course.

Can a fluent Swedish person confirm that the speaker is correct in pronunciation?

I seem to have great distrust issues with words like djur, sked, varg, färg... I guess the "hyw" sound and the weird v sound with djur and the y sound with varg/färg... It's going to make me super super super self conscious when speaking lol.

January 26, 2015



Oh and while I'm at it, I have questions about det and de...

  • Is det supposed to sound like "dey-yeh" would if you said that in English? Kinda?
  • Is de supposed to be pronounced dom? Can it be pronounced dom in all cases?

  1. No, it's just /de:/
  2. Yes, always.


For <det>, the pronunciation /dɛ:/ (i.e. ) is also very common in many regions.


True that. :)


One of the few parts of my native accent that I haven't lost since I moved to Uppsala.


Forvo is crowdsourced if I recall correctly, so the speakers are going to vary from word to word. The word-specific pages usually do list where that speaker claims to be from, which may help where there are regional differences in pronunciation.


I usually click the map and try to play the ones near Stockholm.


There are lots of crazy pronunciations in the Swedish course too and as far as I understand the moderators are looking for a new TTS to replace the current one.

I have gone through most lessons and whenever I've found an incorrect pronunciation I have added a link to forvo in the "Discuss sentence" section.

PS. Whenever a "g" comes after "r" or "l" it's pronounced like a Swedish "j" (which is "y" to you I suppose), so you are right about varg and färg and the same holds for älg and helg.

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