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Hey man, I was equipped with Streak Freeze and now it's telling me my Streak is 0 after one --

--full day of inactivity! Not 21 hours ago I got the email that said "Hi JohnHouse1, you are on a 44 day streak! Use Duolingo today to make it 45." And I KNOW I was equipped with it. :( This angers me, unless I'm missing something about Streak Freeze?!!

January 26, 2015



Streaks are counted from midnight in the timezone you were in when you registered for Duo until the following midnight. Did you move time zones recently from your original time zone? This can be a cause of losing a streak. Another reason is if you did not meet your goal in XP during that day, although this is unlikely if you had a streak freeze.


I haven't moved timezones and I had Streak Freeze Equipped. I haven't had to worry about losing my streak if I was inactive for only a day (I've been on here every day for, as my email said, 44, but since I was on there yesterday, it was 45 days, and I only have a daily goal of 10, which I meet every time) because of it, or so I THOUGHT. I'm right pissed off about this. What's the use of a Streak Freeze if it doesn't do what it says it does?

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