"We were treated well."

Translation:Vi blev väl behandlade.

January 26, 2015

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How do you decide when to use "var" and when to use "blev"?


From wikipedia:

The passive voice in Swedish is formed in one of four ways:

add an -s to the infinitive form of the verb

use a form of bli (become) + the perfect participle

use a form of vara (be) + the perfect participle

use a form of få (get) + the perfect participle

Of the first three forms, the first (s-passive) tends to focus on the action itself rather than the result of it. The second (bli-passive) stresses the change caused by the action. The third (vara-passive) puts the result of the action in the centre of interest:

Dörren målas. (Someone paints the door right now.)

Dörren blir målad. (The door is being painted, in a new colour or wasn't painted before.)

Dörren är målad. (The door is painted.)


Very helpful! Thank you!


Can you tell me why it is behandlade rather than behandet?


behandlet is not a word in Swedish. The plural is behandlade, singular is behandlad (common gender) or behandlat (neuter).

Jag blev väl behandlad I was treated well
Vi blev väl behandlade We were treated well
Ämnet blev behandlat … The subject was treated …


thanks. I think I am beginning to get it


vi var väl behandlad?


behandlad is the singular en form of the word, but vi is plural.
Vi blev väl behandlade 'we'
Han blev väl behandlad 'he'
Barnet blev väl behandlat 'the child'

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