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"Jag vill ha ett hus med flera badrum."

Translation:I want a house with several bathrooms.

January 26, 2015



The pronunciation given sounds like bädrum. Is this an error or is this one of the words that has a vowel change in the plural (and if so, why isn't it reflected in the spelling)?


There is an error in the pronunciation.

The pronunciation is much more straight forward. Here is a recording by an actual person, not a robot: https://forvo.com/word/badrum/


For some reason the normal speed version pronounces badrum atrociously. If you listen to the slow version, though, it does a much better job.


Can one also say "Jag vill ha ett hus på flera badrum?"...


No, that doesn't really make sense.


Because in Hellström's Första övningsboken i Svensk Grammatik I found something like "Jag har en lagenhät på tre rum och kök"


Yes, en lägenhet på tre rum och kök works, but that means sort of 'consisting of', so you can't use it here.


Ah, tack ska du ha! :)


"Washroom" is not accepted as a translation for "badrum" but regionally where I'm from (Canadian west coast), we typically use the word "washroom" a lot more than we use the word "bathroom" so would it be possible for you to include "washroom" as an accepted translation?


vill = want vill ha = want to have ? If not, "ha" is a preposition or an adverb? CUZ I learned that vill can be used similarly as "infinitive" in English.


You use just vill with verbs, and vill ha when you want a noun.
So Jag vill simma 'I want to swim'
Jag vill ha ett hus 'I want a house'
ha is a verb in the infinitive.


I understand :-)


why it is not correct to use many in place of several


why isn't 'restrooms' accepted?


As a native English speaker I use the words 'several' and 'many' pretty interchangeably. I don't understand how in the English translation 'several,' can be correct, while 'many' is deemed to be incorrect.


Swedish tends to differentiate more concretely in a number of cases that English finds words to be interchangeable.

As I understand it, 'flera' means more than one, while 'många' means significantly more than one. English kind of uses 'several' and 'many' this way in some cases, but not as strictly as Swedish does.

In this case, it's not likely that you would be misunderstood, but in some other cases, that distinction can be very important.


Everytime I see badrum, I think bedroom :(


Why does the TTS complete sentence pronunciation sound like bädrum but the individual pronunciation of the word sounds like badrum?


(Just for the record, the TTS is pronouncing the word incorrectly)


The understanding of colloqial, but standard forms of spoken English is woeful here. Anywhere in England / NI / Scotland 'would like' would be accepted here. ie in a restaurant " What do you want for a starter?" can politely be answered " I would like ... " meaning "I want"


Men, kan man inte säga, flera badrum? Till exempel, om man diskuterar viket sorts hus man vill ha?


What do you mean? It already says flera badrum in the original sentence?

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