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  5. "Tuesday is a workday."

"Tuesday is a workday."

Translation:Tisdag är en vardag.

January 26, 2015



In the UK we don't use "workday". "Working day" is ok but we always say "Weekday" as opposed to the weekend.


The course is supposed to be in American English, isn't it? I am sure that weekday is accepted in the reversed exercise.


We also usually say "weekday" in the US.


I don't see "workday" or "working day" necessarily being an exact synonym with "weekday" (in the way it excludes weekend), as one can work any day of the week between Mon-Sun and so called weekday might as well be one's day off from work.

  • Vardag sure can mean workday or weekday (among other things), but there are also words "arbetsdag" for workday and "veckodag" for weekday (can mean any day of the week though).
  • "Tisdag är en arbetsdag." is also an approved translation to the given english sentence.


Please can some explain to me what is the difference between "vardag" and "arbetsdag"?... if there is any


"Vardag" is the opposite of "helgdag", where "vardag" normally means Monday - Friday and "helgdag" is Saturday - Sunday. (Christmas day, Boxing day and Good Friday etc are "helgdagar" too.)

"Arbetsdag" is a day when you work, so if you work in an office for example, "vardag" and "arbetsdag" coincide.


Thanks... I think I finally got the differences between the two words

Just another question. "Helgdag" is the opposite of "vardag". Does "arbetsdag" has any opposite word?.. Something like a "free day". Or we just use "vardag"


Not really, but you can say "ledig dag" (or "arbetsfri dag") of course,


Google translate also gave me veckodag and translated vardag as "spring day". Is it just plain wrong?


That's fun!
vår = spring,

which means that
vårdag = spring day


Late answer to @jwbards: if you ask Vilken veckodag är det? you want an answer like Monday, Tuesday etc. If you ask Vilken dag är det? you want an answer like 'December 5th'.


@Helen - Thanks! I sort of figured that might be the case with vårdag. What about veckodag?


Veckodag = dag i veckan = måndag, tisdag, ..., lördag eller söndag, which means that it is not the same as weekday, right?


OK - again pretty much what I figured. Sort of redundant, then, isn't it? Why would you ever use veckodag rather than just dag? I guess in English we could say "What day of the week is it?", but we'd be far more likely just to say "What day is is?" Tack!

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