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  5. "Hun er en effektiv model."

"Hun er en effektiv model."

Translation:She is an effective model.

January 26, 2015



French speaker here. What is the difference between "efficient" and "effective" ?


A teacher of someone I know puts it like this: Let's say you have a fly in your room that you want to kill. You can do so by hitting it with a fly swatter or by shooting a canonball at it. Both are effective. Only one of them is efficient. Basically, effective means that it works, while efficient means that it works AND does not use a lot more resources than necessary.


Efficient works well without wasted effort. Effective means it works.


Hi Zarushi, well to keep things simple, "efficient" is about getting the job done fast and quickly and "effective" is about doing it right and acieving the desired outcome


What does this even mean? My dirty mind is coming up with all the wrong things...


It means she is an android?


I agree, I guess this time duo went a bit too far about oddness, I can't find any logical application of this sentence.


It's a little weird sentence, but you can give it some sense. It means that she's a good model, not in the sense of wearing fancy clothes and running around on the catwalk, but as a simplified version of a principle.

For instance, let's say we're talking about the economics of a bakery and how the workers should behave in order to maximise revenue. We know of this real-life bakery with this real-life woman working in it whose style of work is close to this ideal behaviour, so we can say that she's an effective (good) model for this kind of economic theory.


Yeah, a little awkward. I'm given to understand a lot of these sentences are computer-generated, and humans have to go in after the fact to do a lot of cleanup.


Probably the Danish word 'effektiv' has a meaning similar to the Russian 'эффектный' which means 'attractive', 'spectacular'. If so then the phrase perfectly makes sense.


So does Danish have all this effect/affect nonsense? XD

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