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"Polisen vill bara hjälpa dig."

Translation:The police only want to help you.

January 26, 2015



nej, jag tror inte det.


This is obviously not a very suitable sentence at the moment. I would like to note that it was written several years ago, and that the Swedish police has a much better reputation than e.g. the US police currently being in question. I will disable the sentence for now.


Just pointing out that 6 days later it is still active.


Yes, there's a bug which causes deleted sentences to resurface. I've been told that it had been fixed, but unfortunately that appears to be incorrect. I'll pass this on to the developers and ask them for a solution.


Does this mean they dont want to help the speaker or more along the lines of a general statement stating the police arent bad guys?


If you put the stress on dig, it could mean that they want to help only you, no one else. But that's certainly not the first interpretation that would come to mind when reading this sentence.


It's a statement saying the police want to help you and that the police do not do anything bad to you.


Shouldn't The police just want to help also be accepted?


when do we use hjälp, is it used it in the imperative form?


Yes, and it's also the noun 'help', it's an en word.


WHy can't I say - THe police want to only help you


It's not really a likely enough phrase - plus, if it were, the "only" would be more idiomatic after the verb.


Wouldn't it be "the police wantS to help you" as it is a 3rd person sentence?


Where I'm from, "the police" is always third person plural, except for the musical group The Police. Using "the police" as third person singular indicates the person isn't a native speaker.


We accept that too but the plural form is a lot more common.


But earlier you taught us, "Jag litar definitivt inte på polisen" :)

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