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  5. "Manden var sur på kvinden."

"Manden var sur kvinden."

Translation:The man was angry with the woman.

January 26, 2015


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The hint for 'på' is 'at/on/about'. The listed correct solutions are 'at/with'. 'With' isn't listed and 'angry about' is marked as incorrect. Is 'sur' used in Danish with different prepositions meaning something different? I find it hard to believe that one combination could mean all 'angry at', 'angry with' and 'angry about'.

January 26, 2015


One can also use "over" e.g. "Manden var sur over at have tabt" which is "The man was angry about having lost"

February 15, 2015


I do not think the hints are specific to each exercise, but are general. There are cases where "på" would translate to 'on', but obviously not this one. 'The man was angry on the woman'???

March 14, 2015


The prepositions in English and Danish don't have one-to-one correspondence. They tend to be quite arbitrary and one simply has to learn them.

December 30, 2017


Sur = sore?

May 2, 2017


Sur = sour / acid Jeg er sikker = I am sure

October 24, 2017
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