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"Jag läser böckerna och du läser breven."

Translation:I am reading the books and you are reading the letters.

January 26, 2015



How would you say " i read the books while you read the letters "?


Replace och by medan (while).


I don't get why "I read the books and you read the letters" is considered wrong.


That's an accepted answer. Either you had some other typo without noticing, or there was some glitch.


I don't understand Why it is books... I read it as read THE BOOK. How do i know it is plural?


'the book' is boken and böckerna is 'the books'.

So it's
en bok 'a book'
boken 'the book'
böcker 'books'
böckerna 'the books'


I love it when people write these little 4 step rules for words... Really helps me out..


Oh this helped greatly anyways, it's nice to see each form typed out, thank you! I just noticed I wrote my question wrong. My sentence I meat to type this all for "letter/brev". So i read it as "the letter only". Not the letter"S". with the S. since there is no er or ar at the end just an (en) I see it as only "the letter". How am I to know? I hope that makes sense, thank you <3


brev is an ett word:

ett brev 'a letter'
brevet 'the letter'
brev 'letters'
breven 'the letters'


Hi! I have a question. What is the difference between ETT and EN. Thanks for answer! :)


They're different grammatical genders. If you're unsure of what that means, please see my info thread here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26420394/Answers-to-some-common-questions-on-grammar-that-beginners-have


When you listen to the audio at normal speed, the "g" in "jag" seems silent, but the audio in slow mode pronounces the "g".... Is the slow audio incorrect, or is the "g" spoken in normal speed (but I can't hear it)?


The g in jag is very commonly dropped, unless you're deliberately enunciating clearly or formally. If the next word starts in a vowel, the chance of pronouncing it also increases, to avoid ambiguity.


Also, the "a" in "jag" is different, depending on speed!

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