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I feel like I can't catch up to my decaying skills.

Not sure what to do. I can't learn new things because my skills I learned are decaying at a rate I can't keep up with. And when i go back to practice, it seems that the sentences are harder than when I first learned them. Also it seems that if I do timed practice I reresh the skill faster than if I re-do it untimed, is that correct?

August 4, 2013


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Use the Vocabulary Tab to practice .If you inspect your decaying sections and note down your lowest scoring vocab you can then switch to the Vocabulary section and practice exclusively on what you are weakest at by using the search function.This may save you time practicing items you are already strong in and allow you to strengthen your weaknesses and give you the confidence to forge ahead and learn new things. Also it may be worth remembering that although the system says your knowledge is decaying in these areas it may not actually be the case ,it's only an estimation after all !! Good luck


Ok thanks, I'll try that!

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