"I want to leave my animals."

Translation:Jeg ønsker at forlade mine dyr.

January 26, 2015



Why is this necessarily "forlade"? Why not "efterlade"?

January 30, 2015


'Gerne' is required (with 'vil'). Does this mean that 'jeg vil forlade…' must mean 'I will leave…' in this sentence?

April 6, 2016

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same question, is "gerne" thus the decisive factor that distinguishes the meanings "to want" and "will"?

May 21, 2016



March 13, 2018


How about jeg vil gerne forlade..?

January 26, 2015


Yes, you can. I just tried with that answer

November 13, 2017


They don't have the same meaning. Vil gerne implies desire (I want to). Vil without gerne simply implies intention without any judgment about whether that is the desired action, so it could apply to something that you don't want to do but will do anyways (I will).

November 12, 2016


Where does the gerne come from? An expression?

November 25, 2015


det bruges også i tysk og nederlandsk, gerne og "graag"

March 13, 2018


På finsk kan man sige "kernaasti", men det bruges ikke så tit.

January 9, 2019


Since gerne is an adverb--maybe you could think of it as "I would dearly"?

March 30, 2018


"with pleasure" or "would enjoy doing something" or "would be keen on doing something" might be close in English.

June 11, 2019


nah... not really.

April 8, 2018


I tried putting "jeg vil gerne forlade mine dyr" and it said it was wrong?

April 13, 2018


it just sounds atrocious. the only reason I could imagine you saying that is if you were at a daycare centre for animals or something.

it would best translate to:

I would very much like to abandon my pets

April 14, 2018


I don't follow why you're saying my wording is "atrocious" that's kind of a strong word to use. Jeg vil gerne means 'I want to' right, so what's wrong with the way I translated it as opposed to ønsker.

Leaving something doesn't mean to abandon.

April 14, 2018


because 'vil genre' implies that there is some form of pleasure in leaving the animals, to some degree. 'ønsker' doesn't. And yea, leaving something is not the same as abandoning something, but If you say I would very much like to leave my animals theres no other type of leaving you can assume is meant.

April 14, 2018


Even leaving them at the vet while you are going on a trip? We just did that!!

March 20, 2019
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