a priori, a posteriori

A PRIORI and A POSTERIORI are taken directly from Latin (that's why you don't have an accent above the "a") and very formal and somewhat stuffy. Most French speakers would prefer the native "en principe" or "en théorie" and "après" or "avec du recul".

May 6, 2012


Also, "A"/"AB" (Latin) means "from, away from, by (eg 'written by…')" and is not cognate with French «à» anyways, which comes from Latin "AD," which means "to, towards."

November 10, 2013

When you say "Most french speakers," do you include Lawyers and Mathematicians?

April 30, 2013

I'd think that lawyers, philosophers and maybe mathematicians would be the exceptions.

January 3, 2014

And scientists.

January 6, 2014
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