"What is the reason for your delay?"

Translation:Qual é a razão do seu atraso?

August 4, 2013

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can demora be used interchangeably with atraso?

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    Why couldn't "Qual é a razão POR seu atraso" be acceptable? "Para" seems to indicate "finalidade."


    Nothing wrong. Everyone will understand you. But it is less usual in this construction/context.

    In Portuguese, you usually ask the "reason of something" (the "reason" which is "part of something").

    "Qual a causa do seu atraso?" and "Qual o motivo do seu atraso?" are also more usual than "... por/pelo seu atraso".


    Why is O Que e a razao wrong here?


    Because what in this case is translated as which, hence qual.


    This would certainly not be "which" in English, and it carries no sense of there being a fixed set of options to choose from. How can we guess it´s "qual"? Does "razão" always take "qual", for example?


    Yes, use qual with razão.


    Prepositions are difficult. It seems like certain ones go with certain expressions. Regarding qual, a good rule of thumb is whenever you have what is or what are use Qual.


    "Qual é o motivo do seu atraso?" accepted per Duo (Mar. 29, 2020).


    "reason of" could be accept?

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      It would not be the first choice, but you could use it.

      "Crafting Peace: Strategies to Deal with Warlords is Collapsing" S. Lezhnev - 2006 - ‎Political Science:

      ... motivate more people to stay on board in their organizations for reasons of greed."


      Yeah! I got it! Thank you very much!

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