"Which books are yours?"

Translation:Vilka böcker är dina?

January 27, 2015

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The programmed marked the following as correct, " Vilka böcker är era?," but i see at the top of this page is says "..dina? Can someone provide some additional info. tanks


Since this hasn't been answered otherwise, and for anyone else coming along: era is for things belonging to a group of people and dina is for things belonging to one person.
Du = you
Ni = you (youse, y'all)
Din = your (one person, one object, en-word)
Ditt = Din, but for ett-words
Dina = your (one person, multiple things)
Er = multiple people, single thing, en word (y'alls)
Ert = Er, but for ett-words
Era= multiple pople, multiple things (y'alls's)

Because standard English doesn't make the you/y'all distinction, you can normally use du or ni in most translation exercises on Duolingo.


Same here, does either suffice as an answer? Dina was not listed in the choices.


In what contexts would you use "vilka" as compared to "vilken"?


"Vilka" is used for plural nouns. "Vilken" is used for singular "En" nouns, and "Vilket" for "Ett" nouns.

"Vilka" can also be used as a plural of "Who", as in "Vilka är ni" -> "Who are you"


I put: vilke böcker är din. there was no explanation before the exercise , or i didnt see it . Vilka is plural? dina?

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