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"Jag vill ha dubbelt mycket."

Translation:I want twice as much.

January 27, 2015



I put "I want double". It was marked wrong, and I understand that this probably isn't a good answer, but the suggested answers are:

• I want the double.

• I want twice as much.

I grew up in the US, and I would never say "I want the double", nor have I heard anyone else here say that. Double in English is not a noun, so I don't think you can say this. But... maybe this is my ignorance though.. just wanted to check.

I think the other suggestion, "I want twice as much." is a much better translation.


Why isn't 'double as much' accepted? It is not the usual term used in english, but it's still correct, and seems to make more sense.


Notice that the Swedish "dubbelt" is an adverb, not an adjective. In English it would be "I want doubly as much," which sounds a bit strange, at least nowadays.


Thanks this is good to know


You can't use "double" with "as". "Double the amount" would be ok, but is probably too loose to be accepted here.


Why dubbelt not dubbel? Is it because the thing "Jag vill ha" is a ett-word thing?


I think it is as simple as: dubbelt = twice, dubbel = double. Certainly there isn't any obvious "ett-word" thing going on here :).


Not quite. See my comments above. The word "dubbelt" is an adverb meaning "doubly".


Are there any more Swedish words for "counting" like twice and thrice? What would you say if you want three or four times as much? Would you use "gånger" for that, then? If so, does this apply to any amount over "double"?


Should "twice as many" be correct?


No, that would be dubbelt så många.


My new old Norstedt's Lilla Engelska Ordbok gives "double" as the principal translation for 'dubbelt', thereby making "I want double as much" the translation begging to be given.


Which in my case was not accepted.


How would you say "I want double so much!", like in double cheeseburger and 'so much' like I really want it?


Would "Jag vill ha dubbelt som mycket" sound unnatural or is it also okay?


Dubbelt med så är alltid?


In Canada when ordering a coffee at a coffee shop it's very common to ask for a "double-double", that is, coffee with double cream and double sugar. I have no idea if either word is a noun or adjective or adverb. But I wonder if I brought this Canadian-ism to Stockholm, how should I say it? En dubbel-dubbel, tack ? Then wait for a polite, Um, vad?


It's so nice to lean Swedish if you are German: dubbelt - in German it is doppelt.


I wish the Swedish language course would except that in English we are more polite, and prefer to say 'I would like' not 'I want'!!!!!


Just as in English, Swedish can say 'I would like' (Jag skulle vilja) as well as I want (Jag vill). Why do you say that English is more polite?


*vilja. Vila = to rest. Har fördubblats ovan.


duolingo course will not accept that answer .


You are right of course that "I would like" is more polite than "I want", both in Swedish and in English.

But if the Swedish is 'Jag vill ha', then the correct translation is 'I want'. Only if the Swedish says 'Jag skulle vilja' would it be correct to translate as 'I would like'.

You must translate the words in front of you. If the text says "He is a dirty bastard", you must translate that as "He is a dirty bastard". You cannot change it to "I find him unpleasant" because the latter is more polite.


Which is more commonly used, "jag vill ha" eller "jag skulle vila"? The latter sounds more polite or at least less greedy to my English speaking ears.

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