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Argh! Now I know the reason for those annoying reminders

I took a couple of days off from my beginner German. Now I don't know half of what I did a couple of days ago. Big mistake!

August 4, 2013



I recommend practicing your weakest words. It helps :)


Actually I needed to get my head back in gear, so I repeated some of the lessons.Haven't tried weakest words, but I will


How do you practice the words? I tried doing flashcards but sometimes got new words and sometimes didn't get words that, according to the words list, I need practice on.


Since Duolingo isn't an intense course, it's actually a program that is better off being used every day, for about fifteen minutes or more. Of course, there will be times when you can't get online at all, but when that comes you should still practice your German. Say some phrases in your head, try spelling some words, so on so forth, just to keep the German fresh in your mind. If you feel behind, practice your weakest words or go back to the lessons that may have lost bars.

Viel Spaß!


Heh... timely advice. I just learned to spell die Entschuldigung


Spelling can be extremely confusing, no matter the language. I think German words are, for the most part, easier to spell than English ones. What I struggle with is remember the article that comes with the noun. When you practice spelling, add the article (like you did with die Entschuldigung), this way you'll remember it easier. Keep up the good work! (:


I have made little flash cards specifically for the purpose of trying to remember the gender of each noun. That is what I have had the most trouble with so far, so I figured I could use the extra help.


That's actually a really good idea. Yeah, that's pretty much the part that I struggle with the most. I wonder if German's find it a relief when they are learning English and realize there's only one kind of "the"? I sure would.


I Agree With Luis!

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