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Running out of time on Bonus Rounds?

I don't think I'm being particularly slow, but I've done 14 timed Bonus Rounds and have only finished a single one under the 2-minute time allotted. A large portion of my time is spent waiting for the webpages to load and render (particularly when I need to record my pronunciation; Flash runs very poorly on my Mac). Has anyone else had trouble with this? Is there any way for the timer to pause while the next page loads, or for Duolingo to load all questions before starting, or something like that?

November 19, 2012



I have the same problem. I am having a hard time finishing any timed rounds in the alloted time. I always considered myself a fast typer, but it looks like no matter how fast I type, I always run out of time. :( Any way we can increase the time limit? Even in real life, some people speak, write or read more slowly than others.


The timer should pause while a page loads. At my computer (win + ff) it does, at least while loading the recorder.


I use a mac—same here; it pauses when the pages loads. So you needn't be afraid of that.


Hm... thanks for telling me. I guess I need to look into this further.


You might turn off the recording option while doing timed practice sessions. I've found that helps me.


The point of the website is to learn Spanish/etc., not to get the highest score. I'd rather keep the mic on and run out of time. It's just kinda demoralizing.

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