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Could more words used in later lessons be coded to strengthen words ? (In English-Italian course)

Could more words in later lessons be allowed to strengthen words?

Especially the different conjugations of verbs. I have been trying to strengthen "figlio" and "lavorano" for 5 months, and lots of other for 4 months. No matter how many times I redo those two lessons, or strengthen those study skills, they rarely come up.

However, those two words come up very frequently in new /other lessons, but they are never allocated to strengthening. Whilst others are, e.g. madre, papà, and all the pronouns, etc. These do get strengthened nearly every time they come up.

I know I could use the flashcards, but it is really annoying as the strengthening decays after 24 hours, so after a couple of weeks you would need to review 500 words a day.

January 27, 2015


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