"Even a small flower needs a lot of water."

Translation:Även en liten blomma behöver mycket vatten.

January 27, 2015

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Is 'till och med' not accepted here? I feel like I'm a little trigger happy with the report button, and so I wanted to be sure I am understanding the difference between 'till och med' and 'även', something I've never been sure about


till och med is accepted. If you didn't get it accepted, you probably got something else wrong in the sentence, maybe something about word order?


What's the difference between "till och med" and "även"?


"till och med" och "även" mean the same. "Till och med" is stronger emphasis on even, like "det är till och med min födelsedag" meaning it is EVEN my birthday. "Det är även min födelsedag" means the same but has less fokus on even.


It was a multiple choice question, I will have to play closer attention to the wording next time, to make sure I am not missing anything


Those multiple choice questions can be really tricky sometimes.


Whats the difference between lite and små? Thanks in advance!


lite = a little, a little bit of, some e.g. lite kaffe
liten = little, small (for en-words), e.g. en liten hund
litet = little, small (for ett-words), e.g. ett litet hus
små = little, small (for plurals), e.g. två små hundar, två små hus


Lite vs liten?


Lite = a little, a little bit of
Liten = little, small


There's a similar sentence here: Till och med farfar sjunger https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5899166 where I think I managed to explain how till och med is actually a part of the first constituent.
I think it's actually the same in this sentence. You could in principle replace även en liten blomma by en blomma av den här sorten, den här blomman, en blomma, or den. In the sentence Dessutom behöver en liten blomma vatten, the adverb dessutom is not part of the subject, and does not modify the flower.


So what is the difference actually between 'till och med' and 'även'? same was asked below but never answered, sorry to repeat an existing question.

  • till och med can make it sound like an unlikely scenario - like "it could happen to anyone, even the pope!"
  • även is more like the sense of "also"

But there's some overlap, of course. Note that även can have the first sense as well, while till och med can't have the second.


Can we not use att kräva here?


That would be require I suppose.


I couldn't put "mycket" because it was not included in the choices. So?


There are quite a few alternatives that don't use mycket for this sentence. If you were told you should have put mycket when you weren't able to, that's the app being stupid, but unfortunately nothing we can affect.


Is this meant to be more of an encouraging phrase or an environmental message about water waste?


More like the former. :) I'm thinking "give your children lots of love" and similar meanings.

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