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"No estuvimos durmiendo el viernes."

Translation:We were not sleeping on Friday.

5 years ago



Is this really a correct usage of the past progressive? Doesn't it need to be imperfect? Estábamos durmiendo?

5 years ago

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I think it's OK. A lot of the sentences DL has come up with in this section sound weird because they are variations of the typical English, ie in this case: "We did not sleep on Friday." By injecting a gerund into the sentence DL creates a structure that sounds unnatural, but is technically OK. However, as Howcheng points out, the form of the resulting sentence does leave you with a sense that it is suggesting "we were not sleeping [because we were up to something else]."

3 years ago

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...If you catch my meaning. wink wink nudge nudge

4 years ago