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"Eu gostaria que ela pensasse em mim."

Translation:I wish that she thought about me.

January 27, 2015



"I would like that she thought about me" - marked incorrect. "I would like that she though about me" - given as correct answer.

Definitely frustrating


Please report that. That must've been so annoying.


Fixed :)

Sorry for taking soooo long. Found this today in the sea of reports :)


Not fixed yet. I entered "I would like that she thought about me", and it was not accepted. Thanks for your work Dan.


If this sentence is translated in the indicative mode, "would like" is followed by an infinitive clause, not a "that-clause":

"I would like her to think about me."



Muito obrigada emeyr!


Not fixed yet. Very very frustrating.


Usa-se "wish" para expressar desejo com poucas chances de se realizar. (= subjuntivo)

Eu gostaria que ela pensasse em mim.

• I wish she thought about/of me. (coloquial)
• I wish she would think about/of me. (certo)

A tradução alternativa no indicativo:

• I would like her to think about/of me.


i would like her to think about me it is right my answer.


Although somewhat stilted and formal, "I would like that she thought about me" should be accepted. Just about all of these subjunctive lessons here on Dl are a complete mess when it comes to acceptable translations. It makes it very difficult to get through the levels because you basically just have to memorize what it wants through trial and error and regurgitate it back. Very frustrating.


"Would like" is followed by an infinitive clause, not a "that-clause".

I would like + pronoun + infinitive clause.
I would like her to think of me.



So why is this the only time where "gostaria" means wish and "would like" is unacceptable when you have two other sentences in the same lesson where it's the opposite?

"Eu gostaria que você pensasse no seu caso." "Eu gostaria que ele passasse mais tempo na orquestra."

I'm not learning from this.


"Thought of me" ??


O subjuntivo de acordo com a gramática normativa:

I wish she would think of me. Refere-se ao presente/futuro. (que ela pensasse)

I wish she had thought of me. Refere-se ao passado (que ela tivesse pensado)


Is there any translation possibility like "I would like if she thought about me"?

Sorry, I am not an English native speaker.

In the previous sentence (practice) I got something like "que ela" where I used the exact "that" translation and it was suggested by Duolingo to use "if she..." as an alternative solution.
Sorry, I do not have the previous sentence marked down.


You would be all right if you said "I would like IT if she thought about me", but not sure if the owl would agree on the translation. "I would like that..." is not good English.


Bravo. Duo needs to be spending more on editing by native speakers of the various languages of instruction, not just speakers of the target language with good skills in the language of instruction. Wouldn't take all that much work. -- After "would like ..", either use an infinitive construction to express the object ("I would like them to hire more editors") or, if you choose a that-clause or if-clause, then put an "it" before it as a placeholding object ("I would like it_if they hired more editors", "I like it_that they hired more editors").


Very strange English from Duo... again

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