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Copyrighted articles

There are quite a few being posted in French 2 English translation. Are they allowed now?

January 27, 2015



No. Copyright infringement is never allowed. I'd recommend clicking the "Technical Support" tab to the left of this discussion and letting the powers that be know about those articles. Thanks for looking out for Duolingo! I'd hate to see something dumb like that destroy such a great project.


This is one reason why I have never posted an article for translation. I don't want to cause any problems. There are so many laws and regulations on the books, that I'm not willing to take the risk.


Some sites write something like this: "This is for language learners, teachers, parents and for all, who likes it, feel free to copy, but don't sell it or paste it somewhere, where people have to pay to get there.'


You can ALWAYS post wikipedia articles, if ever you stumble upon one that doesn't exist in another language or is much shorter than in another language. There is no problem with that fortunately.

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