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  5. "Det är min egendom."

"Det är min egendom."

Translation:It is my property.

January 27, 2015



Would you use this word to mean anything that belongs to you, or just property as in private land?


Can mean either.


So would 'possession' be a good translation as well?


No, not really. "Possession" rather translates to "ägodel".


Eigendom, rijkdom, ouderdom. Somehow we have the same in Dutch.


Same with german: Eigentum, Reichtum, Altertum


In Afrikaans we have: eiendom, rykdom, ouderdom.


hippidom heppedom det är min egendom


Is -dom akin to realm? Egendom = Own realm, Ungdom = Realm of Youth, and I imagine a Kingdom is Kungdom (Realm of the king)?


'Kingdom' is translated as "kungarike" or, a bit more uncommon, "kungadöme", the '-döme' is of course related to the '-dom' suffix.


Just FYI (2017-04-20): the pronunciation here is incorrect, sounds like min egen dom which would be "my own judgement".


Is -dom a common suffix in swedish, or is this just a loan word?


It’s found in a few words like this one and barndom ’childhood’, sjukdom ’disease, illness’, ålderdom ’old age’, lärdom ’piece of knowledge’, ungdom ’youth’, rikedom ’wealth’, and a few more.


Also ungdom literally translates to youngdom!


I typed "Det är min egen dom", because that's what I heard, and I didn't know about the composite noun existence, and it got accepted


it is my own sentence/fate.


Or judgment. :)


I am sure someone has already asked and answered this question but why is it 'det' when it refers to a masculine noun?


Swedish uses the det är construction very, very frequently. It always defaults to det unless you have already been explicit about what you mean, and often even then.

Also, please note that Swedish doesn't have masculine and feminine genders. The word egendom is of the so-called common gender, which is the result of a merge between masculine and feminine many centuries ago.


I was just wondering that my swedish teachers never mentioned the grammatical genders. They were also up to date... :)


I had a 77 Day streak on Duolingo with just studying Swedish but today I opened my Duolingo app and a message popped up telling that I need to make an exercise in order to mantain my streak.

As I closed the message, I tried to click on an exercise but the same message popped up from the left to the right to the middle of the window. I closed it and it appeared again it wont stop.

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I would suggest either posting in the troubleshooting forums, or tweeting the official Duolingo account. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do from a random sentence thread.


Isn't the g in egendom pronounced as in egentligen?


No, because of the difference in stress.

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