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Timed Practice: Let me finish the last question

Well, apart from the fact that the time should stop after I answered a question (has been mentioned before), I would also like to finish the last question, regardless of time. Sometimes I have almost completely typed out the answer but can't get it checked because the time has run out. You could even exclude that last question from the rating, but please let me see a feedback.

August 4, 2013



Allowing us to complete the response and getting feedback but no point sounds like a fair and helpful plan! It always seems to be those long or tricky sentences that get cut off like that, the very ones I would most appreciate feedback on. Thanks for the suggestion mavieseq :)


I think that only a few people will agree with me (if there's acctualy someone going to) but I think that the system is nice the way it is, about do not provide us a feedback or permitting us to check the sentence, if it is right or wrong. It can sound strange, but when you do all the timed practice really fast, without time for thinking to much, stoping to check the sentences and all of this, I think that your mind learns better all the stuff because you write and say it all naturally. I think this way we become more fluent. I hope that everyone understand what I'm trying to say, and that someone agree with me. Ty


I would add all the votes for this.

"Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the seven days of the week." -- Sometimes this pops up as the last one, and I purposely just let it run out because, ain't nobody got time to type that in 7 seconds.

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