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Need your help!

Hey everyone,

So i was talking to my teacher and for the first time, my school is going to get a few scholarships so a few students can go to The Gaeltacht this summer for free!

In my year, To decide who gets the scholarship , we are writing an Essay (On what we don't know but i have a feeling it may be about why i want to go to the Gaeltacht.)

If i get it, i will be able to go the Gaelteacht for 3 weeks and go to classes for 4 hours in the morning and do activities for the rest of the day. But possibly the best thing is i would be staying with natives as my hosts!

So i am really looking for some advice for writing this essay!

January 27, 2015



Bí mácanta. :-) I'm not sure what other advice there is to give. If you have a heart-felt reason why an immersion experience would change you life, let them know.


So jealous! Good luck in getting it! That would be so amazing.


I wish my school would do that too. Best of luck I hope you get the scholarship


Go n-éirí an t-ádh leat! Níl aon comhairle agam duit, faraor, ach nuair atá a fhios agat cén ábhar ba chóir duit a scríobh faoi, cuir postáil eile anseo.


Déanfaidh mé é sin :) go raibh maith agat!

  1. Get this from the library. It might help to crystalise your thoughts. Read it and take on board the arguments but don't lift them if this does turn out to be the essay question - give your own reasons, the ones that you care about. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Why-Gaelic-Matters-Saltire-pamphlets/dp/0854110283

  2. Write down all your reasons before you write the essay and look at how they connect up. Make this your essay plan to help you write something clear and coherent.

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