"The crown princess is very popular."

Translation:Kronprinsessan är mycket populär.

January 27, 2015

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Why it's incorrect to say jätte instead of mycket?


You can't use it as one word, but jättepopulär would work.


In daily life Swedes use jätte as separate word and as prefix to another (jättebra and jätte bra). Or am I wrong?


No, you can only use jätte as a part of a word (Unless you mean giant, which is "en jätte"). But you could use it for any adjective more or less.

If you have seen "jätte" written separately, it might have been a "särskrivning" (a compound word written apart). This is a common mistake that many Swedes make, but in general all words that could be written as one, should be written as one in Swedish.

"Särskrivning" drives many Swedes crazy...


Tack. And another question then. If "in general all words that could be written as one, should be written as one in Swedish", why imorgon, idag, igår are mistakes? At least duolingo counts it as a mistake.


They are not mistakes. Idag, Igår, Imorgon, Ikväll, Istället etc. are all correct and if Duolingo says something else you should report it.

I dag, i morgon etc. is also correct and that is the form that is recommended by the Swedish Language Council because it works well with other expressions such as i år, i maj, i veckan and so on that cannot be written together.

I would say that the versions written together are a lot more common in real life in Sweden, but on Duolingo, we always stick to the recommendations to provide the most proper Swedish.


Glad you pointed this out, it's bugged me too.


Why 'mycket' instead of 'väldigt'?


Can someone answer this? Why not "Kronprincessen är väldigt populär"?


väldigt and mycket are both accepted, but you're two typos off from kronprinsessan.


Ah. OK...so my Swedish is improving more than my typing. Sorry to bother you. I should have checked my answer more carefully. Thank you "d".


It's no bother at all. Don't let a typo or two keep you from posting. :)


Why does väldigt have the t?


Väldigt is an adverb (väldigt bra - very good). Väldig without t is an adjective (en väldig massa människor - an awful lot of people).


it says that berömd is wrong. can someone tell my why?


it seems that "berömd" means "famous" . Maybe "populär" means she is loved by everyone, and "berömd" means she is known by everyone.


What means the crown princess/prince? It means somethings as the first/most important prince?


Crown princess is the heir apparent.

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