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"I am not a vegetarian because I love meat."

Translation:Jeg er ikke en vegetar fordi jeg elsker kød.

January 27, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Jeg er en vegetar fordi jeg elsker ikke kød.


    "jeg er (en) vegetar, fordi jeg ikke elsker kød"

    [deactivated user]

      oh oops thank you!


      I used to think the same. Then I became a vegan and found out I can do very well without it. It kinda scares me when people say that; I hate to think what would happen if they ever ate human meat.


      Bruh its actually pretty tasty


      Jeg er vegetar fordi jeg elsker dyr


      You can love animals without having to be vegetarian


      How do you say vegan in Danish?


      Hvorfor kan jeg ikke bruge "ingen" her? Fx. "Jeg er ingen vegetar fordi jeg elsker kød"


      You should be able to use "ingen". Few people do in a sentence like this, but it is fully valid to do so.


      Because "ingen" means more like "none" or "nothing" therefore it doesn't work in this sentence. Whereas "ikke" means "not", so makes more sense in this context.


      It makes sense and it is used. In English you can also say "I am no vegetarian", which is what "ingen" would translate to here.


      'for' should be accepted as well as 'fordi'. For meaning 'as' instead of the more causal 'because of'.


      Can I not say "Jeg er ikke en vegetar fordi jeg har gerne kød."?


      "fordi jeg har gerne kød" doesn't make any sense. "fordi jeg gerne vil have kød" is probably what you're trying to say, which is fine (but it's not a correct translation of this sentence).


      I think what you're trying to say is "jeg er ikke en vegetar fordi jeg vil gerne have kød" however that is not a correct translate of the sentence. "Jeg vil gerne have" is used more to ask for something you would like to have, so doesn't really make sense in this context.


      why isn´t it a comma before "fordi" ? Jeg er ikke en vegetar, fordi jeg elsker kød


      I think you should be able to put a comma before "fordi" and it will accept it but it isn't required.

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