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Learning the colloquial language

One reason I am learning French and German through Duolingo is to be familiar with both languages so as to watch the foreign TV shows and movies that are in these languages without relying heavily on the English subtitles. But, as I know, most filmed content makes use of the colloquial language. Will there be options like modules where you can learn the colloquial language of these languages as well as the regular language? This is also useful when you want to set up an online friendship with someone who is speaking the desired language.

November 20, 2012



Great question! Currently we are teaching some colloquial German, e.g. idiomatic expressions, such as in "I am a student" = "Ich bin Student".

[deactivated user]

    I fully agree that Duolingo should include colloquial language, but I don't quite see how "Ich bin Student" is supposed to be colloquial. What would be the standard variant? "Ich bin ein Student"? That wouldn't be correct. I can only assume that the people who do say "ich bin ein Student" do so because of L2 interference.


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