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Immersion: cannot paste translated text

Using the standard key command (Ctrl+V) I cannot paste translated text into the immersion pages.

How do you do this?

August 4, 2013



I just tried this, and it worked in these two ways. When the "translation box" (or whatever is is called) was displayed I could both right click and select paste from the menu, or left click in the box and then type CTRL+V . The former worked a bit more smoothly, but I may have simply fumbled a bit w/ the CTRL+V. I'm using a laptop running Windows 7

Has it worked for you since you wrote? Perhaps the text was not actually in the system clipboard when you first tried.


Thanks for your suggestions.

I'm on Ubuntu. Paste does not work with any of the browsers I use: Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium.

So, unfortunately, I can't use immersion at all, which is a real shame <sad face>


I haven´t used UBUNTU (UNIX-like OS) for a couple of years. Are you using Gnome? Have you tried CTRL+SHIFT+V or SHIFT+INS ?

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