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  5. "What are you afraid of?"

"What are you afraid of?"

Translation:Vad är du rädd för?

January 27, 2015



To test my skills, I used (or so I thought) the plural "you": Vad är ni radda för? Where did I go wrong?


That’s right if you type rädda instead of radda.


In English, one can be afraid of something (which in Swedish translates as för)... but one can also be afraid for something- 'I'm afraid for our safety'. What would the Swedish equivalent be, and is there a distinction?


I am wondering the same thing. Google translate gives "Jag är rädd för min hund" for both "I am afraid of my dog" and "I am afraid for my dog". wordreference and folkets-lexikon don't mention "afraid for".


what's the difference between rädda and rädd?


Rädda is plural and rädd is singular.


Could I also say: För vad är du rädd?


It isn't wrong per se, but it sounds too odd to have as an accepted answer. I can't even think of a context where it would fit. Maybe an old folk song. So I'd say as a learner, don't use that word order.


Excuse my ignorance but why doesn't "Vad rädd du på" not work? Is it cause it's an adjective?


To begin with, yes, rädd is an adjective so you need to have an är in the sentence. What scared you? would be Vad skrämde dig? so we have two different words for the verb vs the adjective.

Secondly, in English you're afraid of something, in Swedish you're rädd för något. jag är rädd på … is like I am scared on … in English – it just doesn't work with the wrong preposition.


Why is this sentence not "vad är du rädd av"? Thanks


It's just that rädd goes with för, just like you say afraid of and not afraid by or something like that in English.


In the audio, I'm not hearing "är" in the sentence "Vad är du rädd för".

Is it supposed to be there, or is this one of those weird cases where the words are mushed together for some reason? (like saying "tycker om" as one word)

I can kind-of hear "Var" instead of "Vad är"; is that correct?


why is it wrong to say, "Vad fruktar du?"


Is there any synonym closer to "frukta" or "skrämma"?

What's the difference between "skrämma" och "frukta"?

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