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Help with a question, le do thoil.

How would one say "If I like a tv show, I watch it often? I dont know if I would use "maith liom, or taitíonn?

What would be the structure of this sentence....Thank you!

January 27, 2015



I think something along the lines of : "má is maith liom clár teilifís, feicim air go minic." Awaiting correction from the more experienced...


The translation of the word “if” itself would depend upon whether one thought that a likeable TV show was a realistic proposition or not. If it was thought to be a realistic proposition, then Más maith liom … (más = + is) would be used; otherwise, Dá mba mhaith liom … (ba is the conditional form of the copula) would be used. My guess is that the genitive form of teilifís would be needed — clár teilifíse. Féachaim air (“I watch it”) rather than feicim air (“I see it”) might be a closer translation.


does má thaitníonn make sense here for "i like/enjoy it"? And thank you guys very much for the help too btw


Yes, Má thaitníonn clár teilifíse liom … (or Dá dtaitneodh clár teilifíse liom …) would also make sense.


go raibh maith agat mo chara!

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